How to Install the KidBridge Desktop Application

KidBridge Desktop Install

Parent Needs:

  1. Active Kidbridge Account
  2. Childs Device & Childs’s Phone Number
  3. Child’s Lock Screen Passcode
  4. Mac Computer or Windows computer
  5. Updated iTunes software with correct version (windows version for PC / mac for mac)
  6. Active iTunes Account – will need to login with username and password
  7. iPhone Data USB Cable
  8. Wi-Fi Internet Connection


Step 1. Login to your Kidbridge account via

**** if your child already has a profile created, skip to step 4 ****

Step 2: Select “Add Child”

Step 3: Enter Child’s Name, DOB and State that the child lives in

Step 4: Check your wifi connection and make sure the computer and child’s phone are connected to the same network

Step 5: Open iTunes program that is already installed on your computer and sign in.

**** If you do not have the most recent updated version of iTunes, you must update before KidBridge will work. If you do not have iTunes installed, please visit to download a PC or Mac version of itunes ****

Step 6: Use the iPhone data cable to connect the phone and the computer. If the phone is locked, the computer will tell you to enter the passcode to unlock the phone.

Step 7: A pop up message will appear on the child’s phone to “TRUST the computer”. Click Trust.

**** If you have connected this phone to the computer in the past, you may have already “Trusted” and “Allowed” the computer to access the iPhone. Skip to step 9. ****

Step 8: A pop up message will appear in iTunes to allow computer access to device. Click Allow.

Step 9: Once iTunes successfully connects with the iPhone the iPhone will be listed under “devices” in

iTunes. Click on the device icon         to enter the “Settings” menu

Step 10: In Settings, go to “Back Up’s” section and verify that the “Automatically Back Up” option is set to “This Computer”.

Step 11: Verify that the option “Encrypt iPhone backup” is NOT SELECTED.

Step 12: In the Settings menu, go to the “Options” section and verify that “Sync with this iPhone over wi-fi” IS SELECTED.

Step 13: Remove the checkmark on "automatically sync with this iphone when connected” option.

Step 14: Scroll down and click “Apply” to save the settings then click “Done”. Minimize iTunes once the settings are saved.

Step 15: Open your browser with your KidBridge account and click on “Add Phone” or “Add monitor”

Step 16: Locate the “Product Key” and COPY to your clipboard.

Step 17: Click “Download Desktop Application” . The download will begin in your taskbar.

Step 18: For WINDOWS USERS: A blue screen will pop up asking for permission to download from 3rd party and advise you that your computer will be at risk. Click on “more info” and then click “Run Anyway”

Step 19: After the download completes, find the application in the “Downloads” folder.

Step 20: Double click the file to Open the KidBridge installer

Step 21: FOR MAC USERS: A pop-up message will appear on your computer that requires the admin password for the computer to allow the installer to download.

Step 22: When the installer is ready, it will guide you through some steps. These steps have already been completed so click through the steps.

Step 23: Once you have finished with the steps, the phone will automatically start the onboarding process. Once completed, you will receive a notification telling you it is complete.

Step 24: Go back to your KidBridge account and refresh the page.  Once the page is refreshed, click on the teen’s device or name to see the latest data.

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